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Nancy helped me tremendously with restoring range of motion in my left shoulder after I suffered a fall (our large dog dragged me to the ground as she was chasing a rabbit). Months after the fall I had developed symptoms of "false frozen shoulder." Nancy targeted the NMT massage techniques on the muscles around my shoulder, and within two to three sessions I could lift my arm straighter above my head; within four sessions I felt a lot less pain and had my usual range of motion back. I would definitely seek out Nancy's help again with issues like this, or for any kind of restorative/relaxation massage. She is intuitive, gentle, and goes "deep" when she needs to, while being very effective in her work to alleviate the causes of pain and restore range of motion. - BB

Nancy Barnett is one of the best massage therapists I have ever used.  I like to get massages monthly, which energizes me to do yoga, Zumba, Jazzercise, yoga, and swimming. As a registered nurse, I am very sensitive to how my body feels. I appreciate the way she focuses on “trigger points” to relieve discomfort so effectively. 

We share a common interest in yoga and general wellness.  I enjoy our discussions as we share resources and new information. In my professional practice as an Aging Life Care™ Consultant, I look for providers who are kind, compassionate, professional, friendly and willing to collaborate to help others.  Nancy has proven to meet all of the above criteria, so I recommend her.

Karen Wolfrom, MSA, RNC, CMC

Holistic Elder Services®

Aging Life Care™ Consultant 

I started going to Nancy for neuromuscular therapy due to nagging pain and stiffness in my shoulder and hips. I felt some relief from the very first treatment, which surprised me, because both areas had been chronically sore and very tight for a long time. It took a couple of days to notice that I had significantly less pain, which Nancy  told me would probably be the case. I started going regularly – once every week or two at first – and each time I got up from her table, I had a greater range of motion and feeling of stability. I felt like dancing!

Since my two jobs involve repetitive motions that create the problems I went to her to fix, the discomfort returns after a few weeks. I now find that a treatment once a month is all I need. 

Nancy also made other suggestions involving things such as my posture and switching to a standing desk, and these have been helpful, too.  Nancy is very knowledgeable, sensitive, and passionate about her work, and she has an uncanny ability to know just how much pressure to apply to areas she is working on. I highly recommend her to anyone suffering from either acute or chronic pain due to muscular strain or trauma. - Jan

After slipping on a wet tile floor and hyperextending my entire right side I was unable to apply pressure on my foot or sit without a significant amount of pain.


I had several X-Ray’s, visited a primary physician, a sports medicine physician and an orthopedists.  Each physician had a different diagnosis and treatment. I was prescribed pain and anti-inflammatory pills, I was given crutches, a boot and physical therapy.  After 3 months without any improvement, I went to Nancy Barnett at Carolina Bodywork for consult.


Nancy began treatment the same day as the consult.  She examined muscles on my right side from the tip of my toes to the piriformis. Once she found trigger points she began working with them. While she worked on the area, she identified the muscle and its function, which was great feedback and very interesting.


When I left the first session, I was able to apply gentle pressure to my foot and was actually able to take a long drive without any pain.  Over the next couple of days the pain shifted and my foot became easier to walk on. Through the next sessions with Nancy, she worked with my body and the muscles that were creating the pain.  During each visit, I could tell the therapy was working.  After each visit, my pain lessened.


I received four 75 minute sessions.  I am no longer experiencing any pain in my piriformis/hip or my foot. I am able to get out of bed, walk, hike and sit without any pain.  I attribute this quick healing process to her neuromuscular treatment.


In addition, I have seen Nancy on other occasions for well visits, or preventative maintenance.  She works with the muscles to locate any pressure points that may be developing and cause future issues.  I particularly enjoy the myofascial release. Before I met her, I didn’t know what that meant nor did I know how great it would make me feel.   Highly recommended for issues, as well as, routine visits for preventative. - JMR

I have chronic pain from arthritis, both osteo and rheumatoid, spinal stenosis, osteoporosis, and scoliosis.  I've also had spinal surgery, as well as, rotator cuff surgery.  I do have maintenance physical therapy throughout the year.  Nancy works in combination with my PT and is able to provide much needed additional relief for pain caused by the above mentioned problems.  There's far more to Nancy's treatment, however, and I can only explain it as her very positive and special energy infusing me with calmness and total relaxation.  When I leave, I feel like a million bucks!  - JS

I received treatment from Nancy Barnett to address some mobility issue that occurred from a fall and broken elbow. Through Nancy’s use of neuromuscular therapy she was able to loosen restricted muscles within my shoulder, scapula, and arm making it possible for me to have a full range of mobility once again. I can highly recommend Nancy. She’s a caring practitioner who can help alleviate pain and get results. - Cathey

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